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We understand funerals can be very difficult and stressful to plan.  Once you have spoken to your chosen funeral director, our vicar, Rev Mark Potter will meet with you to discuss the intricacies of the services and whether it will be held at the church or at a local crematorium.  We are able to provide an organist, and there will be a sound operator and verger on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.  We work closely with funeral directors in the area to make sure everything is handled as sensitively as possible.


In the grounds of our listed Church Building, is our churchyard.  Due to the age of the church, the churchyard is now closed to full burials, however we do still have space for the interment of ashes.  

As you come through the main Lych gate, the interment plots can be found at the far right hand side of the churchyard.  Provision can be made for up to two sets of ashes to be buried in the same plot, with prior agreement.

As with arranging funerals, Rev Mark Potter will meet with you to explain the process and then on the day an interment will include a short 15 minute committal service in the churchyard where the ashes will be buried.

Monuments are allowed but are subject to our churchyard regulations and must not be erected prior to the interment taking place.  Please refer to the Churchyard Regulations below. To meet legal requirements, we require the cremation certificate as this has to be kept on our records as proof of burial.

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Churchyard regulations

The following regulations for the Churchyard were agreed by the PCC on 14th July 2022:
Stone should be pale stone or light grey (no marble) with black lettering only.

The top should be rounded or square and the only engraved picture should be a cross.
Any quotations should be Biblical and nicknames for the deceased should not be used.
Curb stones, lining or gravel are not permitted.

Approved monument dimensions:

Maximum height - 24 inches (60cm)

Maximum width - 18 inches (45cm) including the base
Depth - minimum of 2 inches (5cm) and a maximum of 3 inches (7.5cm)

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